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Five Surprising Things Adult Children do (sometimes unknowingly) To Hurt Their Mothers On Mother’s Day

This post may come off sounding like a personal agenda, but believe me, it’s not.  I got this idea after a couple of conversations with several friends.  The subject was the upcoming holiday, known as Mother’s Day.  While doing these interviews, however, I found I was taken aback to remember that I had been guilty of some of the very indiscretions I’m posting about.  Shame on me.  My mom is gone now and I miss her.   But anyway, here goes.

5.  Number five on the list of hurtful things adult kids do to their mothers on Mother’s DaySticking a store bought card into your mother’s outstretched hand.  Now don’t get me wrong.  In some cases just a card may be appropriate.  Maybe your relationship with your mom is strained; or life has been really tough these last few weeks.  Most moms understand these situations. It is also bears saying that some moms get all gushy over cards.  If any of the above applies to you then just disregard this here card section, and by all means, skip on down to number four in the list. Never the less; however much Hallmark would like you to believe that a store bought card says it all, it’s not always true.  Most times it is a phony way to say how you feel.

Suggestion:  get out paper, scissors and crayons and whip up a personal handmade card.  Scribble a whimsical yet heartfelt note inside.  Turn it over and write in tiny numbers on the back and at the bottom of your card, a ridiculously high price, such as: $5,000,000,000.

BTW.  If you’re one of those that just writes Happy Mother’s Day on Face Book, there may be no hope for you.

4Number four on the list of ways to hurt your Mom.  Call her on the phone and do one of the following:

  1. Call, then talk only about yourself and your kids.  Of course she’ll listen.  She cares!  But you’re supposed to be giving a little something of yourself here.
  2. Call, ask her how she’s doing.  Then let your mind wander while she tells you.  Yeah, she’ll pick up on that.
  3. Call, then just sit there with nothing to say.  Expect her to do all the talking.  Better than not calling at all; but if she’s really busy, then maybe not so much.

3.  Buy her a random gift off the bargain table.  May sound materialistic to point this out, but she has been shopping for way more years than you have and she will know what you did.  What will that say about how you feel about her?

Suggestion:  Stop at a nursery and pick up a potted flower ant then plant it for her.  Or do a particular chore for her that she doesn’t, or can’t do anymore, but really wants done.  Your children could get involved with this one.

2.  Tell her you will be over to see her; then don’t drop in until around four o’clock when it is time for her to be winding down.

This one is really sad.  She may have baked your favorite cake or something in anticipation for your showing up. Your siblings, grandparents’ etcetera may have already been there and gone.  Mom’s tired and you missed a great time for sharing time with your family.  Shared time with your family is a gift for Mom in itself.  Oh, another thought on this one.  Would she have liked for you to have Mother’s Day at your house for a change?

1Drum roll please, for perhaps the number one way to hurt your mother on Mother’s Day.  Ask her to baby sit so you can take your wife out for Mother’s Day—or so your husband can take you out—again, for Mother’s Day!

OMG This one just speaks for itself!

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2 thoughts on “Five Surprising Things Adult Children do (sometimes unknowingly) To Hurt Their Mothers On Mother’s Day

  1. Generation Configuration on said:

    Thank you so much. Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Perhaps someday my blog will look as nice as yours. The entry is outstanding. I give you an A plus. It is wise, very very very wise!

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